Not much to say today, just want to share a family photo we took last week. The background kind of looks like something you'd find at a Kmart photo booth, but I assure you we really were standing in a freshly fallen foot of snow.  It was so cold that Brandon even refused to bring Piper out unless I promised to "make it quick." Thankfully, the little squirt was ready to get her baby swag on. Look at that face!

Ta-ta till next year folks.  Happy New Year!


Another year comes to a close, and this time we have an extra giggly and slobbery reason to be thankful.  Piper Olivia joined our little band of crazy back in September and we can't imagine spending the holidays without her. She has been the perfect pairing to our family, with those chubby cheeks, concerned brow wrinkles, long wispy eyelashes and a smile that warms up the draftiest of rooms. Becoming parents (and a momma in particular) has been a beautiful disaster, overflowing with breathtaking love and our fair share of tearful frustrations. Thank goodness there's a therapist in the house! 

Brandon completed his Masters degree in Counseling earlier this year and is working as a provisionally licensed therapist for adjudicated youth. It is, in my opinion, one of the hardest professions a person can get into, but he handles the challenges with such wisdom and patience.

There are an abundance of things to be thankful for in 2014, but honestly, those two take the cake.  From our family to yours, we hope you are happy, healthy and joyful for all the wonderful things which make your life juicy and full. Can't think of anything?  Go breathe in the fresh cool air, snuggle under cozy blankets, gaze into a crackling fire, savor a cup of hot coco and laugh with all the special people in your life - that should jog your memory!