Sep 29, 2014


When it comes to graphic design, I can be extremely picky (to the point of paralyzing indecision), so when the time came to actually order Piper's birth announcements, it took a fast approaching expiration on a 40% off coupon code to force my hand. Needless to say, I still had a hard time pulling the trigger - despite having worked on this project for days - and placed the order with 10 minutes to spare, whilst managing a very irritable baby and fighting off the effects of severe sleep deprivation.  *Facepalm*  I just hope I spelled her name right.  

Here's an e-version of the final project.  Enjoy!

Mar 28, 2014


Baby Girl Cameron is due August 25, 2014.

Oct 6, 2013


Ollie on the couch.
Brandon on the dog bed.
Yup, just another normal evening at home. 

Oct 3, 2013


You want to see our dog, Ollie, jump 5 feet in the air?  He'll do it.  Think he can guzzle 5 cups of food a day and still look lean?  He does.  Wonder who'd win between him and a home invader?  No contest.  Once that global thermostat drops below 65 degrees though, Ollie turns into the biggest weenie in the world.  His lack of an undercoat and zero body fat, sends him shivering to the closest sofa, bed, throw blanket or pile of laundry... anything remotely cozy. 

Exhibit A: On his bed, which is on our bed, covered by a thick wool blanket... laying in the sun.

The other day I tossed a folded blanket on the floor while I went into the next room and when I returned 30 seconds later, I found the him sitting on top of it, like a cat on a roomba vacuum, with that look of "what?" written all over his stupidly cute droopy face. 

Exhibit B:

Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like we're blasting the AC, sticking ice cubes to his fur and leaving the freezer door open... he really is just a weenie.  Six months out of the year anyway!

Oct 1, 2013


You know that moment when life has regained some semblance of control, and you finally feel like you can take a breather and go enjoy the summer with some friends, but then you look at the calendar and it's October 1st?  I hate that moment.

The pain is lessened, however, when I look down and realize I'm wearing an oversized cozy sweater and sipping on a frothy pumpkin flavored beverage.  Family visits, hayrides and apple cider donuts don't hurt either!

Here's to fall... the season that always manages to soothe the frazzled edges.

Sep 30, 2013


This is my favorite photo from the Muddy Buddy race event I worked back in August... and yes, that is a real man of the law.  Glad I wasn't the only one having some fun on the job!

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